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Tips on Getting Started with 3D Printing (Podcast Ep1)

And so the mayhem beings. We've officially started our Print That Thing Podcast. Our aim with this podcast is to get the community talking. About what? There's plenty! In our first episode I (Amber), who has very little 3D Printing knowledge, asked Jwall questions about getting started. What are some tips, concerns, and things to be aware of before getting started?

The general takeaways were:

1. Start with Easy Access: Approach your 3D Printing Journey with a low barrier of entry. Don't spend a lot of money on fancy software or printers. There are a lot of free resources in the community that can help you dip your toes in.

2. To purchase a printer or not? This one seemed to be a split discussion and really depends on the type of person you are. For Jwall he admitted that he had to feel like he had invested money in order to force himself to learn 3D printing when he first started out. However, chat viewers and influencer Makertales suggested learning 3D Design first and then investing in a 3D Printer when you have your bearings. Makertales also pointed out that there are plenty of people in the 3D printing community willing to test out prints for those with designs but no hardware.

3. Which software for 3D Printing? Also, a topic of split opinions. The idea that you only need one magical software for your entire 3D Design journey seems to be an unwise mindset. Jwall explained that some software is better for certain things, and you'll build a pipeline depending on the project. CAD software will help with mechanical engineering prototypes whereas Blender will assist the artistic design of a product.

4. The Plastic Waste is a Problem. The plastic waste of 3D printing can be a behemoth of guilt for those conscious of their waste. Something first-timers don't realize is there will be a pile of plastic and failed prints for every Instagram worthy creation.

Makertales reached out after the podcast and suggested looking into these services to reduce;

5. It's a Tedious Hobby. If you're not into troubleshooting or reverse-engineering your or other people's work, this may not be the hobby for you. 3D Printing comes with a multitude of technical learning curves that can crush someone who is used to instant perfection. If you're serious about getting into 3D printing, be prepared for a lot of start and stop experimenting when it comes to creating.

6. It's 100% Worth It. According to Jwall and those who have fallen in love with this niche, 3D Printing is an incredible force to be reckoned with. By putting manufacturing in the hands of many, the possibilities are endless. And the confidence building in one's abilities is insurmountable.

Watch the Live Stream of the Podcast here:

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