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My 3D Print Students VR Gallery - Feb 2020 Workshop Designs

This February's 4-Week Workshop students blew my mind! They made some crazy 3D print designs and transformed into 3D printing designers rapidly. Check out the Gallery Tour video below to see all of their creative masterpieces. :)

You can also go into the Feb 2020 - VR Gallery yourself, to see all of their designs from the past 4 weeks. (Use Firefox or Chrome browser - No Headset Required): VR HUB: https://hub.link/BDjN3WP

If you want to learn 3D print design this month you can sign up for our FREE 1st Week Preview for our upcoming 4-Week Workshop.

We also host weekly LIVE Training in our 3D Print Pow Wow. We only take a limited number of digital students that way everyone can be heard and get their questions answered.

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