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Make Money with 3D Printing & Design (Top Tips)

Lets get naughty and talk money! Our society has raised us to believe talking money is bad - but why is it's "bad" when we talk 3d printing?

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TOPIC: Money & The 3D Print Community

SUMMARY: The taboo of talking money with 3d printing has been something our community has been battling with since the niche market has grown. Let's talk about our observations and possible misconceptions of the market and how we can remedy the hobbyist vs entrepreneur conflict.


Jwall (@printthatthing)  Is a professional 3D Print Designer, who began Print That Thing as a youtube channel in 2014. He is now at the helm of www.ptt.live and is eager to help the community of 3D Print Designers with the ways of Blender and thinking outside the box.

Amber (@indiemutt)  Is not a 3d Print Enthusiast. Her strengths lie with Blender for 3D illustrations & game design. Her role at www.ptt.live is in website management and marketing.  #3Dprinting #3DPrinted #3Dprinter

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