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February 2020 3D Print Design Challenges!

Hey everybody,

I hope your designer life is treating you well. That you're designing every day and your 3d Printer is humming sweet 3d printing music till you fall asleep. But, if you're like me, you might fall off the design wagon sometimes and need a little extra inspiration.

Have no fear! Print That Thing is here!

I've been putting together some 3d Print Challenge memes for anyone interested in partaking in them. They're super fun and can help motivate inspiration when the creative bank needs a reboot.

The idea with these memes is you'd download the png's and use any image editor (photoshop, gimp, etc) and lay your images under the layout for a fancy fresh design for any social media post you're looking to show off on.

Nothing too fancy or elaborate, but it could be fun? Use 'em and tag #printthatthing to share with us on any socials!


PTT Bingo is a new idea intended to inspire folks to design and/or print ANYTHING you want that falls under the "topic" listed. We pulled from various February Holidays and "Celebration Days" to tickle your brain. While we highly encourage you to design something for these topics, you can also find things online and print them instead.

Hopefully, these will spark some ideas? If nothing else they'll get you to google when International Pizza and Condom Day are. Yeah, they're real - look it up!


We obviously love Blender and encourage everyone starting out to dive into the amazing Blender Community of artists. BlenderNation.com started this awesome community challenge called Blender 52, where they've listed topics for each week of the year. Because the list is daunting, we've broken up the list into monthly weeks, to keep you focused and your creative synapses unhindered from fear!

We challenge all 3D Designers within the 3d Print Community to design their pieces for this inside of Blender, print it, photograph it, and share it! As you complete these challenges feel free to use our 3D Print template to show off your work!

I'm hoping to keep tabs on these challenges this year, so as the months go by keep a look out for these updates and reminders! A community that creates together grows together!

Happy Printing

- Amber (PTT TEAM)

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