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Designer Highlight: Max Funkner @MaxFunkner3D

Today's Designer Highlight is Max Funkner! Max is also known for his work with 3Dwithus.com. We have been following his work in the 3D print space for years now and we were lucky enough to have him in one of our earlier 4-week workshops in 2019.

He is a really great dude who has been contributing to the 3D Printing world through education, awareness, and journalism.

When & why did you become interested in 3D Printing?

In 2015, a colleague of my wife, who is a desktop and industrial 3D printer analyst, showed a nice presentation. We got hooked and bought a flashy Delta Wasp 2040.

When & why did you start learning 3D Print Design?

In 2016, another colleague of my wife asked me to 3D design and 3D print a cactus for his cacti collection. I accepted the challenge, and it came out lovely. As a result, this cactus is my logo now. As my first ever design.

How has learning 3D Print Design helped improve your life?

3D printing pulled me out of gaming. I was addicted to online gaming. Spent a lot of hours in virtual worlds like GW2, etc.

When you first got started, what was the hardest thing about learning 3D print design?

Navigation. Tinkercad was easy. But after it, I struggled with other software as there were different navigation systems.

What courses did you take at PTT.live that helped you grow?

Editing. Block Zoo Animals. I knew some sculpting from my Zbrush experience. "Block zoo animals" course made my life easier as it allows me to sculpt more complicated models. Eevee rendering is the latest find, helping for marketing purposes.

Where do you get your design inspiration from?

As I am curating 3dwithus.com and writing blogs for it, I scan a lot of projects on social media. As a result, I always learn something new.

What are you looking forward to learning/designing in the future?

Something that would help me to stay in 3D printing full time.

Where can we find your latest work?


Instagram: @MaxFunkner3D

Twitter: @MaxFunkner

FB: MaxFunkner3D

Special thanks to Max for participating in our DESIGN HIGHLIGHT SURVEY.

We are so excited for Max and his journey into 3D Print Design! We cannot wait to see what he creates next.


We love hearing from our members and hope to do more Designer Highlights in the coming months. If you have a portfolio you'd like to be considered for a highlight please fill out the survey today!

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