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Designer Highlight: Jonathan (@makertales)

This month we had the pleasure of working with Jonathan over at Makertales on a youtube collaboration to review our 4-Week Beginner Workshop, which he signed up for in February 2020.

The Challenge:

We would provide design challenges for Jonathan to accomplish prior to him taking ANY Blender 2.8 tutorials. Then he would attend the February 4-Week Beginner Workshop and tackle the challenges after he went through some course work.

The Before & After:

Out of the gate, Jonathan struggled to get around in Blender 2.8 and requested a lifeline in the form of taking the Free Preview to get started. Being aware that the interface of Blender can be daunting at first we allowed it and he took off from there! His first attempts at tackling the challenges we provided were okay - not great - but he made his knowledge work for him.

Then the fun began.

He started on the 4-Week Beginner Workshop lessons and took off! Being a seasoned maker and comfortable in other 3d software, Jonathan was able to get through the learning material in a few days. With the incredible improvement in his attempts to tackle the challenges previously assigned to him.

Jonathan's incredible progress at such a rapid speed is a token of his natural skill in design as well as his familiarity in 3d software and workflows.

Our Beginner Series & Workshops are built strategically for beginners to start from complete scratch with no prior experience in any 3d software, so we are super excited to see someone with prior 3d experience also benefit from the course!

The Review

After completing the course Jonathan (@makertales) did us a great service in reviewing his experience with the workshop and giving his honest opinions on what worked and didn't work. We were so happy to get tips on what other seasoned professionals thought needed improvement so that we could tackle making the course better for all of our students.

Many of Jonathan's pain points with the course material is already being ironed out so we thank him for helping us improve the course work! We are hoping to roll out these improvements in our March 2020 Beginner Workshop (Enrollment ends Midnight March 9th)

To watch Jonathan's full review check it out;

Be sure to give Jonathan some love and subscribe to his channel!

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