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3D Printing a Truth or Dare game!

Download/Learn 3D Print Design: https://www.PTT.live I created a 3D printed Truth or Dare spinner game!

This video is a share & tell of what my design process was and what I learned. If you want to download this design or learn how to make your own customizable 3D print designs you can go to my website, above.

This project is from a new course I'm creating called Intro to Product Design. This 3D printing design course teaches you my flexible design workflow when creating multiple 3D printed parts that all snap together with tiny gaps called tolerances. We use a small piece of 1.75mm filament to combine all the 3D printed parts of this design. Then use Prusa Slicer 2.2 to add color change pauses to change the filament color. That way we get a cool 3 colored effect while only using a normal single extruder 3D printer.

Comment below any TRUTH questions you want me to answer. :)

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