Legalities & 3D Printing


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Lets discuss the legalities of destktop 3d printing. What is intellectual property? Where does the community blur the line? Will this change?

TOPIC: Legalities & 3D Printing


SUMMARY: With the dawn of the internet, copyright and intellectual property laws have sort of fallen behind in keeping up with the ages. Where "right to parody/remix" seems to be a blanket defense in the video world - where is the line with desktop manufacturing? We're going to discuss what we know and what we don't know about IP Legalities in the 3D print sphere and get a conversation started about copyright steps the community has made or has chosen to ignore for later. 



Jwall (@printthatthing)  Is a professional 3D Print Designer, who began Print That Thing as a youtube channel in 2014. He is now at the helm of and is eager to help the community of 3D Print Designers with the ways of Blender and thinking outside the box.


Amber (@indiemutt)  Is not a 3d Print Enthusiast. Her strengths lie with Blender for 3D illustrations & game design. Her role at is in website management and marketing.


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