Help Desk / F.A.Q's

Do your courses come with certificates?

Yes, each course comes with a Print That Thing Completion Certificate once you've completed each lesson of each course.

How do I join the discord?

Use this link ( ) to join the discord! Be sure to read the welcome page for instructions on how to gain access to the discord communities.

Do I need a 3D Printer to take these courses?

No! This course is focused on designing for 3D printing. While we will touch on concepts necessary to get your design on the print-bed, we will not be focusing on the practical gear or technical side of the process unless specifically stated otherwise in the courses.

Why are you teaching BLENDER for 3D printing? Shouldn't I be learning (insert software name here)?

Blender is an incredible open source software that can get you started on your design journey. It does really well for organic modeling. We truly believe that learning the basics of 3D design on an open source software lowers the barrier to entry of the process as well as introduces you to the amazing Blender community. Once you learn blender you'll be able to dive into any other 3D software with less of a learning curve.

How do cancel my All Access Membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime! 1. Log into your Account 2. Click My Account 3. Go to your Billing Page 4. Locate your subscription 5. Hit the cancel button. That is it! You'll keep access to the All Access Membership until the end of your current billing cycle. If for whatever reason you need help with this process please contact, to assist you with your concerns. See images:

My question is not here.

If you still have questions about our community, memberships, or courses please feel free to contact us at or use our Discord channel for further assistance.