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3D Print Design Contest


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Create for Prizes!

What You 
Need to Know!

Submissions open: 1 Sept 2021
Submission End: 30 Sept 2021 (11:59pm CST)
Winners Announced: 6 Oct 2021

Ready to  

Get started with step #1 and get your #DesignShuffler challenge!

The Brief:

We've created The Design Shuffler, now it's time to see it in action! 

Shuffle over 3-trillion different inspirations and choose the one that speaks to your inner designer.

Submit your masterpiece and win big!

Our panel of judges will choose one 1st & 2nd prize winners based on concept, creativity, and 3D Print execution.

One 3rd Prize winner will be randomly selected from the entries submitted. 

Everyone from all skill levels have an opportunity to win! 



The Challenge

Design a 3D Print Product with our new Design Shuffler tool for a chance to win some outstanding 3D printing prizes.

The Dates

Submissions open:

1 Sept 2021


Submission End: 

30 Sept 2021 (11:59pm CST)


Winners Announced: 

6 Oct 2021

How to Participate


  1. Use the Design Shuffler to create a 3D print product in any software you choose.

  2. Upload that design to with hashtag #DesignShuffler in the description. 

  3. Submit design(s) before midnight September 30, 2021 


  • Submissions need to be manifold/watertight and 3D printable 

  • Submissions must be submitted by the deadline to be considered

  • Submissions must be inspired from the Design Shuffler.

Disclaimer: Winners are responsible for shipping costs for all prizes.


The Prizes


First Place

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Second Place


Third Place

  • 3-month PTT.LIVE Membership ($60 Value)

  • 1 Roll of Fulament Filament ($30 Value)

  • Amazon Gift Card by Thangs ($25 Value)

  • Elegoo 500ml Resin Bottle ($20 Value)

Disclaimer: Winners are responsible for shipping costs for all prizes.

Prizes are not available for cash exchange. 



We are grateful to collaborate with the following companies to help make this design competition possible.


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Step #1 - Get Your Challenge


Use the Design Shuffler tool until you feel inspiration, enter your email to "accept challenge", and start 3D print designing!

Step #2 - Upload your Design to THANGS with #DesignShufffler

Upload your 3D print design(s) to your profile and be sure to put the hashtag #DesignShuffler in the objects description. 


Step #3 - Submit to Contest

In order to fully submit your design in the contest, be sure to submit all designs using this form.

Note: Trouble loading the form? Use this Google Form or button below.


Wanna meet designers?

Join our Disruptive Designers Discord to chat with other 3D print artists or ask your contest questions in the #design_contests channel.


Frequently asked questions

Who is the challenge for?

Anyone can submit to this competition, using any design software they wish so long as your design is inspired from the Design Shuffler, uploaded to with hashtag #DesignShuffler - you’ll be entered to win.

What if I don’t know how to design?!

Fear not! has some great tips and resources to get you started! You can jump into our Beginner 100 Course for completely free for your first week! You can also become an All-Access Member if you want to learn more design workflows.

Does it cost anything to enter?

Nope! This competition should not cost you any cash to enter. Just a little creative spirit and time.

Where do I submit my design?

In order to submit to the competition, you’ll need to upload your design to with the appropriate hashtag: #DesignShuffler. Please see “How to Participate” for more information.

What are the prizes?

Please see “Prizes” for more information. The prizes will be distributed by individual sponsors. There is no cash exchange value for these prizes.

How will the winner be selected?

1st & 2nd Place: Will be selected by a panel of judges. We will evaluate designs for concept, creativity, and 3D Printability. 3rd Place: Will be determined from a submission raffle. Everyone who submits a deisgn is given a chance to win.

Do I need a 3D printer to participate?

Nope! While your model should be watertight and printable, you do not need to print your designs in order to submit them. We will be downloading your designs and testing to make sure they are manifold (watertight) and 3D printable. So make sure to test your designs in a slicer software of your choice. (ie: Cura, PrusaSlicer, etc)


If you're new to 3D Print design Print That Thing can help! We can get you designing in Blender asap! 

Get started with a 7-Day Free Trial


  • PTT's Blender Starter File

  • Blender for 3D Printing Shotcut Key PDF


Submissions open: Sept 1st, 2021
Submission End:  Sept 30th 2021 (11:59pm CST)
Winners: Oct 6th 2021 via email & socials