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Learn 3D Design for 3D printing

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EASY Design Training with a

Focus on 3D Printing

3D Print Courses + STLs + Community

Getting Started is Simple

If you are a printer tech-head, DIY artist, or desktop printing entrepreneur, you're ready to transform into a designer. 

Why Learn 3D Print Design?

Still on the fence as to why you should learn this valuable skill? Let us help you get some clarity with 3 Design Secrets that will change your mind.

Get the PTT Starter File

We've created this Blender starter file as a hack so that you don't have to set it up yourself. Download it and get rockin'! 

Free Beginner 100

Having trouble diving in? Try our free Blender 100 Course to get acquainted with the Blender UI so you can tackle the 3D Print Workflow.

You're Ready to DESIGN!

3D Print Design doesn't have to involve a complicated learning process. With our comprehensive and compounding lessons, you'll be able to learn the fundamentals of 3D print design to bring your own ideas into the real world in no time. 

3D Printing Fiber

Cool people who learn with us

Print That Thing started as a YouTube channel in 2014 to entertain the masses. In 2019 we began providing comprehensive online courses and have helped over 10k students get started with 3D print design. 

Our course materials are designed to help you get started quickly by tackling 3D print design theory and software basics to inspire you within the first hour of instruction. 

We believe that 3D printing your OWN ideas is a true superpower that can transform you into a creative problem solver. 

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The easiest collection of Blender for 3D Print Design courses

Get inspired by your own super power of bringing your ideas to life.

3D Printer

All Access Membership

Become a Member and get more!

3D Printer

Beginner 103 Series

Courses Introducing Toy Design

3D Printer

Design 3D Photos

Intro to Lithophane Products

3D Printer

Design a Toy Car

Assembled Designs - Toy Car

3D Printer

Blender 100 Course

Learn Blender 2.8 UI for 3D Printing

3D Printer

Beginner 104 Series

Courses Introducing Toy & Phone Accessory Design

3D Printer

Design 3D Vases

Learn to Lathe - Flexible Pottery Designs

3D Printer

Slicing Large Objects

Slicing Large Designs into Pieces

3D Printer

Beginner 101 Series

Courses Introducing Blender 3D Print Workflow

3D Printer

3D Print Workflow + Effects

3D Print Workflow + Effects

3D Printer

Design 3D Rings

Intro to Wearables

3D Printer

Sculpt a Snowman

Intro to sculpting

3D Printer

Beginner 102 Series

Courses Introducing Home Decor & Wearable Designs

3D Printer

Design a Cheese Wedge

Intro to Box Modeling

3D Printer

Design Box Animals

Intro to Box Modeling

3D Printer

Design a Cellphone Amp

Intro to Cellphone Accessories

"This course was really easy and fun to do. It is supposed to show you the very basics of blender, but you learn it while actually making whole models with very useful tools. I really learned a lot, Blender interface can be a little overwhelming the first time you open it but thanks to this course I feel ready to explore and experiment with it by myself."

@3Dpimp, 4-Week Beginner Workshop Student

Need More?

We offer Mentorship Workshops

Once a quarter PTT.live hosts a 4-Week online mentorship program that will get you comfortable with the 3D print Design Workflow in 1 month!  


Print That Thing

Learn to 3D Design for your 3D Printer. We provide educational materials, industry news, and design networking for like-minded creators/makers.

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